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"There's not a lot of guys who are good workers and good trainers, but
Lance is both. I can only think of two or three schools that I would
say are really good to train at, and Lance's would be one of them."
WWE Hall of Famer
'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

"So the question begs to be answered: "If I want to train to be a wrestler,
where should I go?". My first answer, being the grizzled, gnarly know it all
that I am, Lance Storm's school, Storm Wrestling Academy. Trust me, I'm right.
I've wrestled Lance.. He's technically and athletically gifted. He can do
things most humans can't. More importantly in terms of teaching, he's
brutally honest, and extremely patient. Two traits any good instructor
should have. He's been there, and done it. He's Wrestled Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair,
The Rock, the Undertaker and virtually every big name of the last 20 years, he's
trained some of the top current stars in the industry & trained people starting
to now make their way to the WWE.
He also raps a mean rendition of the Humpty Dance. Need I say more?
WWE Hall of Famer
Adam "EDGE" Copeland

"Lance Storm is one of smoothest and smartest wrestlers that I've ever had
the pleasure of working with. On top of that, he is a tremendous teacher
and is as honest as they come...a rare quality in this business! I highly
recommend Lance as a teacher and a trainer and if I was just starting out,
I'd be honored to have Lance as my instructor."
WWE SuperStar
Y2J Chris Jericho

"If I had a son who wanted to be a wrestler, I would love for Lance to train him.
Lance Storm is a class act who is an intelligent, well read gentleman who is a
credit to the wrestling business. Or any business for that matter".
WWE Hall of Famer
Jim Ross

"When making the decision on attending a wrestling school you have to consider the
source of the training. Has my trainer been there done that? Has he been successful?
In answer to all these questions is yes if you attend the Storm Wrestling Academy.
Lance Storm is one of the few great journey men wrestlers, he has wrestled all over
the world and is well versed in difference styles and forms of our sport, his
knowledge is first class. Having wrestled him and had the pleasure of being his
tag team partner I would fully recommend any one wanting to be a
Professional Wrestler seek his knowledge. Lance is also an incredible honest
and patient individual who will make it his goal to see you succeed."
WWE Superstar
William Regal

"The women's division peaked in 2001-2003, ...we never would have gotten there
without the support, the guidance and most importantly, without people who
believed in us, people like Lance Storm. Lance's patience, love of wrestling
and his willingness to help you understand even if it means getting in the
ring and taking a stiff one, makes him a teacher that is out of this Stratusphere!"
WWE Hall of Famer & 7 Time WWE Women's Champion
Trish Stratus

"If you want to become a pro wrestler I couldn't think of a better person to be
trained by than Lance Storm. Having known Lance for ten years and been his
traveling partner for a few of those I know that he is an honest person with
tremendous passion for the business, not to mention one of the best technical
wrestlers I've ever seen. What I admire about Lance is there's no B.S he tells
it like it is. If I were breaking into the wrestling business
and I wanted to be trained PROPERLY I would go see Lance Storm."
WWE Superstar

"Lance is the epitome of a "professional" in the wrestling industry.
He is dedicated to his craft. He doesn't make excuses nor point fingers.
He is a man of his word. Notice we haven't even touched on his ability to
work, for which I can honestly proclaim my deepest admiration, and his
coaching/teaching, which I witnessed first hand and can personally vouch for.
Anyone who chooses to learn the craft of being a wrestler will get that
education, and so much more, should they make the wise decision
to be trained by Lance."
Paul Heyman

"If a person is able to grasp 50% of the knowledge that Lance Storm has for
the wrestling industry they will be 100% better than every other wrestler."
Former ECW and WWE Superstar
Tommy Dreamer

"One of the best guys in the biz outside of the ring as well as in,
Lance Storm is one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all-time!"
Former WCW and WWE Superstar
Shane "Hurricane" Helms

"Lance Storm, will be leaving his job as Head Trainer at WWE's
Developmental System to open his own wrestling academy in Calgary.
Lance is as solid a performer and person as I have ever met.
Lance also has a direct line to WWE, which is the most important
attribute any pro wrestling school can have in today's
WWE-dominated sports entertainment industry."
Joey Styles

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