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JR Trinidad: SWA Sept 2005
Trinidad (from Puerto Rico) was in my very first class. Here he hits a massive dive
on Danny Myers on a PZW show here in Alberta.

JR Trinidad: SWA Sept 2005
Here Trinidad hits fellow Sept. 2005 classmate Deryck Crosse with a Tornado DDT.

Benjamin English: SWA June 2006
Both of these guys are from SWA and were even in the same class.
Ben is the one in the air diving onto Rage O'Riley.

CJ Strongheart: SWA May 2007
This is Strongheart hitting Deryck Crosse (Sept 2005)with a flying kick of some kind.
CJ is a great flier and does a lot of good stuff.

CJ Strongheart: SWA May 2007
This is CJ and Crosse again on a show for PZW.
CJ is about to hit a great Cross Body Block on Crosse.

Sweet Lou: SWA September 2006
This is Sweet Lou on a Buckeye Pro Wrestling show in Ohio. Lou is the guy standing
getting his hand raised in case you weren't sure.

Sweet Lou: SWA September 2006
This is a better shot of Lou (or at least a closer one) going for the win on another show in Ohio.
Lou works for several promotions in and around Ohio.
Lou sends me ocasional career updates, which are always hilarious.
I love Sweet Lou. If you get to see him in action be sure to scream his name
"LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" as loud and long as you can.

Eagle Mask: SWA September 2006
Eagle Mask is from France and was one of my more promising students.
He has been working quite a bit in Europe and hits a great German Suplex here.

Billy Suede: SWA January 2007
This is Billy getting to work with Bryan Danielson on an ECCW show in Vancouver.

Billy Suede: SWA January 2007
This is Billy on a PZW show in Lethbridge.
He is arm barring T-Bone another SWA Alumni.

Steve Barter: SWA January 2007
Steve Barter is the one on the left and became 1/2 of the Celtic Wrestling Tag Team Champions.
Steve is from Wales and is currently working in the UK.

Carlo Cannon: SWA Sept 2005
Carlo was in my first class and has since returned to Australia and holds
two titles in the promotion he works for there.

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