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SWA: Alumni Photo Gallery 10

Billy Suede: SWA January 2007
Billy capturing the ECCW Heavy Weight Title in BC.
Billy has been one of my best students and is doing fantastic.

Ben Coles: SWA January 2009
Ben hits the "Benny Splash" on a show in Australia.
Ben has picked up a lot of press back home for his alter ego Iron Jay.

Ben Coles: SWA January 2009
Ben picking up the win after the above Benny Splash.

Tom La Ruffa: SWA September 2006
Tom (on the right) poses in front of the floating ring before
the show. Tom has out done me I never worked in a floating ring

Tom la Ruffa: SWA September 2006
No idea if this is Tom's match but it's a picture during the event.

The Kelownafornians: SWA January 2008
Collin and Adam were both in the same class and have now
captured tag team gold in Kelowna BC.

Carlo Cannon: SWA September 2005
Carlo (on the right) captures yet another title. This time
the EPW Tag Team Titles in Australia.

Nick Price: SWA September 2008
Nick Price with a Rear Chin Lock* on a show in BC for ECCW.
* copy right Randy Orton WWE.

Nick Price: SWA September 2008
Here Nick hits a beautiful German Suplex on another show
in BC for ECCW.

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