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Storm Wrestling AcademyTM Class Photos
(2008 & 2009)

September 2009
Back Row: Derek (Alberta), Lance (Alberta),Joe (UK), Jon (Manitoba), Pattrick (UK)
Middle Row: Ross (UK), Brad (KS), Joel (OR), Nick (CA), Gerard (UK), Charlie (Alberta)
Front Row: Wilfred (France), Andy (PA), Martin (CA), Travis (BC), Elise (France)

May 2009
Back Row: Scott (Australia), Tim (Nevada),Clement (France)
Middle Row: Tristan (NFLD), Brandon (ON), AJ (England), Daniel (Australia)
Front Row: AJ (Alberta), Wayne (Colorado), Sherman (BC)

January 2009
Back Row: Max (Holland), Mark (England),Dennis (Alberta)
Middle Row: Daniel (Gibraltar), Dan (California), Luke (England), Dylan (Alberta)
Front Row: Ben (Australia), Mitchell (Manitoba), Brett (Australia)

September 2008
Back Row: Chris (BC), Boleyn (Australia), Nick (Australia), Nick (BC)
Middle Row: Jenny (Australia), Dominic (AB), Steven (QB), Rhia (N. Ireland), Kevin (BC)
Front Row: Jeremy (NS), Steve (NB), Nick (Australia), Aaron (California)

May 2008
Back Row: Jeremy (BC), Ben (England), Matt (Aussie), Andrew (Ontario)
Middle Row: Tenille (Aussie), Luke (Aussie), Andrew (Aussie), Kane (Aussie), Sheldon (NS)
Front Row: Patrick (Ontario), Michael (Aussie), Sean (Aussie), David (BC)

January 2008
Back Row: Marcell (England), Mike (Ontario), Ian (Scotland), Collin (BC)
Middle Row: Dean (Australia), Peter (BC), Adam (BC), Chris (England),
Front Row: Joseph (England), Greg (BC)

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