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Storm Wrestling AcademyTM Class Photos
(2016 - 2017)

Sept 2017
Back: Nick(?), Brian(BC), Samantha(NY), Eli(Aussie), Jacob(WA), Mark(?)
Middle: Kelvan(?), Cody(AB), Damien(SK), Darren(Ireland), Sagalina(?), Nick(NY), Toby(UK), Tyler(?)
Front: Brian(OH), Becky(PA), Kimi(?), Sumer(CA), Brian(CA) Lucas(?)

May 2017
Back: Dave (Australia), Cody (NY), Mo (Kenya), Joshua (BC),
Middle: Sam (Australia), Stephanie (UK), Laurent (Switzerland), Devine (AB), Tyler (AB)
Front: Tanner (CT), Sam(OH), Jordan(AB)

Jan. 2017
Back: Sean (BC), Omar(WA), Oliver(UK), Taylor(BC), Nick(OR)
Middle: Zach(CA), Katie(AU), Morgaine(AU), Tom(AU), Adam(AU), Micheal(AU), Andrew(IL)
Front: Jon(CA), Connor(WA), Alyna(AU), Sean(Wales), Matt(France)

Sept 2016
Back: Zekey (ON), Liam(ON), Kevin(TN), Matt(WA)
Middle: Nick(NB), Lance(WA), Devin(AZ), Richie(IA), Jarred(Aussie), Ryan (ME), Shane(Ireland)
Front: Liam(Aussie), Levi(UK), Jullian(Aussie), Courtney(WA), Jenna(AB)

May 2016
Back: Andrew (MB), Jerome(France), Allen(BC), Kabir(BC),Mike(AB), Cassandra(AR)
Middle: Josh(NS), Toby(UK), Steven(UK), James(TX), Ariane(BC), Caleb (Netherlands), Connor(SK)
Front: Dennis(Germany), Bryony(AB), Nicolas(WV),Angus(UK), Archie(TX), Michael(Aussie)

Jan. 2016
Back: Cole (BC), Britton (AB), Zach (WA), Ashley (UK),
Middle: Love(Sweden), Austin(Australia), RC(PA), Bilal(UK), John(NV)
Front: Alex (TN), Lewis (UK), Aaron (KS),

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