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Storm Wrestling AcademyTM Class Photos

Jan. 2019
Back: Will(AB), Ryan(OR), Dallas(BC), Corey (Australia)
Middle: Grady(CA), Max(UK), Alex(IN), Jude(France), Quinn(IN)
Front: Garrett(ON), Jeremy(AB), Manroop(CA),

Sept 2018
Back: Cody(AB), Tony(Aussie), Ryan(??), Nate(AB), DAvid(Iceland),
Middle: Andy(UK), Valene(France), Ryan(Switzerland), Jasmine(Aussie), Logan(Aussie), Kenny(NY)
Front: Christian(ON), Jeremy(AB), Dominik(619), Ian(UK),

May 2018
Back: Cam(ON), Paul(ON), ??(??), Tom (UK), Berat (AB),
Middle: Greg(NY), Edy(ON), Cole(NB), Andrea(ON), Carson(ON), Katy(AB)
Front: Aaron(Aus.), Kareem(AB), Victor(NY), Spensor(ON), Zoey(AB)

January 2018
Back: Nick(ON), Riley(?), Scott(?), Alistair(UK), David(AB),
Middle: Andrew(NJ), Baydon(OH), Hanna(TX), Lacey(SK), Charlie(NS), Josh(?), Logan(ON)
Front: Mike(NC), Travis(WA), Jake(?), Jason(AB), Finn(New Zealand)

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