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SWA: Alumni Photo Gallery 6

Chase Patrick: SWA September 2006
Chase squares of with Bryan Danielson on an NWA show
in Hollywood. Bryan has worked with a couple
of my students now.

Chase Patrick: SWA September 2006
Chase finding out why Bryan Danielson is the best
wrestler in the World.

Adam and Collin: SWA January 2008
I'm not sure what individual names Collin and Adam
are using but collectively they are the Tag Team
known as the Kelownafornians.

Adam: SWA January 2008
Adam armbaring some dude on a show in Kelowna, BC.
Adam is 1/2 of the above Kelownafornians Tag Team

Collin Cuttler: SWA January 2008
Collin of the Kelownafornians in control on the mat.
The masked guy in the corner is actually a guy I
worked with when I broke in.

Tom La Ruffa: SWA September 2006
This is Tom's promo pick for the new gimmick
he is using in Europe. Professional photos
make a huge difference.

Ben (AKA: Chili Dick): SWA May 2008
Not a great shot but Chili is the guy in the back left corner.
I hope there are more people at this show in England,
than this photo indicates.

Garrett Graves: SWA June 2006
Garrett executing a great arm drag on a guy who bumps poorly
on arm drags.(LOL) This on a show in Ontario.

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