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SWA: Alumni Photo Gallery 8

Tenille Tayla: SWA May 2008
Amber O'Neal stretches SWA grad Tenille at the
May 2009 Shimmer tapings.

Boleyn: SWA September 2008
A great shot of Bo at an NEW show in Australia. I think both
Bo and Tenille (above) have the look and talent to go far in
this business. Keep an eye on these two girls.

Chilli Richards: SWA May 2008
Chilli about to get kicked in the face by fellow SWA grad
Carlo Cannon on an NEW show in Australia.

Carlo Cannon: SWA September 2005
Carlo displaying great facial expression after fellow
SWA grad Chilli Richards escapes a near fall.

Tom La Ruffa & Marcell Gibbons: SWA Sept. 06 / Jan. 08
Fellow SWA grads square off on a show in France.
I love that SWA grads are helping each other get booked
around the world and are getting to work with each other

Benjamin English: SWA June 2006
Ben looking cool, or at least trying to on a
PZW show in Lethbridge Alberta.

Andrew "The Shark" Carter: SWA May 2008
Another of my students stealing my finish. Let's hope
he has my WCW not my WWE success with it.

Andrew "The Shark" Carter: SWA May 2008
Here "The Shark" (We called him "Spoon" during camp) cuts
a promo that has captivated the dude in the back corner.

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