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So great to have SWA Grad Tenille (WWE Emma) return home
to talk with students in the Jan 2018 class.

Was very grateful to have Bret Hart stop by SWA
to pass on some of his wealth of knowledge to students.

Actress Amanda Crew stopped by SWA to shoot some
footage for her movie Chokeslam which I am in. Several
SWA students got cameos.

After 4 years in Mexico with AAA the first ever foreign
AAA Women's Champ and Lucha Underground Star Taya
returned home to SWA and spoke to the class.

When WWE was last in town Luke Harper and
Tyler Breeze stopped by and spoke to the class.

Chris Nowinski & Lance Storm (May 2011)
Chris Nowinski was in town giving a lecture on concussions and.
head trauma. I attended the lecture and afterwards, he stopped
by to check out Storm Wrestling Academy.
I had forgotten how tall he was.

Tyson Kid, Lance Storm, David Hart Smith (July 2009)
It was great to have 2/3rds of the Hart Dynasty stop by SWA.
They sat in on one of my classes and watched my new students
having matches.

Lance Storm & Al Snow (Nov 2008)
Al Snow was in town for a couple days, wrestling on shows in
Calgary and Banff and stopped by for a brief visit. I hadn't
seen Al since I left OVW, so it was great to see him again.

Edge & Sept. 2008 Session
My September 2008 training session was very lucky to have Edge
stop by for a brief visit. At first they thought it was
Grizzly Adams, stopping by, but soon realized it was
just a Grizzled looking guy named Adam. Apparently
Edge's doesn't shave when he's off the road.

Lance Storm & Chris Jericho
Chris stopped by my Sept 2007 class to get off the ring rust before
his big return to WWE. Chris took part in several training session
with my students, feeding in on drills and working with everyone,
as well as offering his advice and suggestions on promo day.
It was a great visit and my students were very thankful for
their time in the ring with Y2J.

Lance Storm & Dr. Luther
Dr. Luther and I go way back. He was working as Luscious Lenny St. Clair
in Calgary when I broke in and we worked with each other a ton.
We did Death Tour together as well as worked in Japan together,
where he achieved his most career success as the Infamous
Dr. Luther. Len stopped by to visited in March of 2008.

Lance Storm & D.H. (Harry) Smith
Harry stopped by SWA to get some extra ring time while home,
and work out with my Sept 2007 class. Harry is a tremendous
talent and I think the guys learned a lot from the
opportunity of working with him.

Lance Storm & Edge
My good buddy Edge stopped by to visit while off the road
recuperating from sergury. During our careers we traded
both the WWF Intercontinental Title and WWE World Tag Team
Titles. He defeated me for the former, while Christian
and I defeated him and Hulk Hogan for the latter.

Lance Storm & Don "Cyrus/Jackal/The Natural" Callis
Don and I have been friends since we first worked together
in 1991. He has stopped by twice to give a guest seminar
covering, both character development and promo skills.
I think he is standing on a box for this photo
because last time I checked he was not 6' 9" tall.

Lance Storm & Paul Lazenby
Paul has stopped by three or four times to visit the school.
I actually trained him when he went through the Hart camp in 1991.
Paul now does stunt work in TV and Film, and also does commentary
for the MMA group BoDog Fight.

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